US athletes Morgan and Horan are upset over their teammates’ social media remarks

US athletes Morgan and Horan are upset over their teammates' social media remarks
US athletes Morgan and Horan are upset over their teammates’ social media remarks

Alex Morgan, a forward, and Lindsey Horan, the captain of the U.S. women’s national team, expressed their sadness on social media on Wednesday regarding recent remarks made by teammate Korbin Albert that did not uphold the standards of the national team.

According to Fox Sports and other news sources, Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Albert issued an apology last week after it was discovered that she had posted a video of a Christian lecture that discussed how it was improper to be gay and to “feel transgender.”

According to the claims, Albert also enjoyed a tweet about former American captain Megan Rapinoe rupturing her Achilles tendon in her final professional game before retiring.

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Rapinoe has made a strong case for LGBT rights in public.
In a video posted on Wednesday from the team’s camp, Horan and Morgan stated, “We just want to address the disappointing situation regarding Korbin that has unfolded over this past week.”

“We’ve worked extremely hard to uphold the integrity of this national team through all of the generations, and we are extremely, extremely sad that this standard was not upheld.”

Morgan went on to say: “We stand by maintaining a safe and respectful space especially as allies and members of the LGBTQ+ community.”

Following Rapinoe’s criticism of Albert for her posts the previous week, the 20-year-old clarified that she had not intended to offend.

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According to media sources, she stated on Instagram, “Liking and sharing posts that are offensive, insensitive, and hurtful was immature and disrespectful, which was never my intent.”

“I’m really disappointed in myself and am deeply sorry for the hurt that I have caused my team mates, other players, fans, friends and anyone who was offended.”

A request for comment regarding Morgan and Horan’s remarks was not immediately answered by Albert.
On Saturday in Atlanta, the United States squad will meet Japan in the SheBelieves Cup semifinals.


Rory Carroll reported from Los Angeles, and Peter Rutherford handled the editing.

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